Exhibitions and events

With thirty years of professional and on the ground experience in diverse but complementary fields, OTTOADUE has always worked alongside its corporate clients to represent them, tell their stories and make an impact with set designs, staging, exhibitions and events.
The firm's temporary installations are set up quickly and only remain for a few days, but they are designed to leave a lasting impression, capture attention, stand out, and show the passion behind a product, a technology or a service. The stands and events designed by the firm are clearly aimed at making a mark, and convey the satisfaction of having reached a goal.
The stand becomes a perfect synthesis of architecture and graphics in a viable and dynamic 3D space. This approach to design requires sensitivity, curiosity and multidisciplinary skills, as well as familiarity with a range of communication tools. It is an activity that thrives on cross-fertilisation and that has its origins in artistic research.

Showrooms and shops

Designing showrooms, workplaces and commercial spaces is a natural follow-on from the creation of temporary structures and exhibition stands ... and vice-versa. These fields are closely linked and permeable, and ideas used on a trade fair stand can often be adapted and developed for a shop… and vice-versa.
While the requirements, functions and specifications are similar, the only substantial difference lies in the timescale or duration of a project, which means that designs have to be customised to cater for equivalent needs and functions.
Over the years, the team of professionals at OTTOADUE have served the needs of an international clientele, designing showrooms and offices with high aesthetic and functional impact. After working for many years with leaders in lighting technology, our partnership has naturally assimilated the skills needed to develop lighting solutions which are efficient and effective from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Architecture and interiors

OTTOADUE has the ability to take on any design environment: temporary, permanent, commercial, residential. Our designs can be usable and designed for living, or functional, except where the brief calls for decoration pure and simple. OTTOADUE has all the professional expertise and skills needed to handle the most diverse project areas. Whether it is architectural design or interior design, our ultimate goal is always the same: the organisation of the space.
The multidisciplinary knowledge we have gained over the years offers our clients added value, with transferable ideas translating into unexpected, characterising solutions even when it comes to residential design. After all, private spaces and exhibition environments are not so very different: a stand is designed to express the personality of a company or advertise a product or service, while a private space transmits the personality and needs of the occupants who live in and identify with it.

Special Projects

Multifaceted and creative at heart, OTTOADUE gives its corporate customers the full benefit of its experience gained over the years, allowing them to represent their businesses and products. Art, design, lighting and visual communications are ever-present elements which combine to varying degrees in each project, to create amazing and effective solutions.
Sometimes, there are ideas that remain on paper waiting for the right opportunity. Other times, it’s the artistic impulse that supplies the idea, the creative spark. OTTOADUE loves art, and pays it a lot of attention without compromising the reality of the design. After all, when the idea is a good one, there is always a way to make it happen.
Often, it is light that gives the idea. OTTOADUE, being very familiar with light, knows just how to exploit this to enhance a space and create atmosphere by making this intangible, energising element a principal and essential feature of the design.